The Five Seasons project, expedition into the world of fragrances from 7/06 to 14/06

The versatile Marcel Wanders is the talent behind “The Five Seasons” project, an original expedition into the world of fragrances for the home, and a new chapter in the Alessi Encyclopaedia.


Five essences have been chosen to form a complete collection of objects for fragrance in the home. Four fragrances correspond to the seasons of the year and their characteristic perfumes. The fifth corresponds to transcendence, which Wanders associates with deep black, the colour chosen to identify all related products.  Alessi has created these fragrances in conjunction with one of the leading perfume makers of Grasse, the French town known worldwide for its production of floral perfumes and fragrances. Meticulous research led to the development of five perfumes that inspire enveloping sensory experiences for which Wanders has chosen evocative names: “Brrr” for the cold Winter season, “Ahhh” for the marvels of Spring, “Hmm” for the bounty of Summer, “Grrr” for the poetry of Autumn and “Shhh” for the mystery of transcendence.


The objects in “The Five Seasons” collection include a series of perfumed candles, complete with porcelain containers and laser-decorated wood lids, a room fragrance spray, five room diffusers in porcelain  and six mahogany wood elements representing an original re-interpretation of the classic sticks, and a lava stone room diffuser.

The collection also includes two new objets-bijoux: “Smack”, an original candle holder/stopper for bottles and “Bzzz”,  a candle snuffer in the shape of a small bee.   


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