The spirit of the times in the new generation of objects from the Fall/Winter 2018 collection by Alessi from 9/11 to 26/12

The world changes, driven by encounters between different cultures, determining influences, intermingling identities, spawning unexpected cultural trends.

Multicultural. The concept of “Edo” pots and pans stems from cultural references and personal connections, with inspiration coming from the designer Patricia Urquiola’s Basque roots, from Japanese civilization, from the Latin language, a complex of “sentimental, emotional and cultural memory”.

Tailoring. A multifaceted talent, and one of the leading figures in architecture and  contemporary design, Michele De Lucchi designed the “Plissé” Electric kettle by shaping it through a series of pleats, enhancing its timeless beauty, like a masterpiece of sculpture or a sophisticated, hand-tailored gown.

Evolved. A little bit bento box, a little bit oriental lacquer, a little bit clutch bag, a little bit handbag, “Food à porter” by Sakura Adachi expresses in its very name a transversal identity: function is expressed through design, aesthetics adopt a language typical of the fashion world.

Voluptuous. Inspired by the “Extra Ordinary Metal” concept, a new “skin” has been added to the “Twist Again” Fruit Bowl designed by Odile Decq, as well as to the “JM14” Tray and the “JM17” round Basket by Jasper Morrison. The chosen material is steel — Alessi’s principle production material — which undergoes a “granulation” process and is enhanced by a warm shade of red and by a deep, full black.

Polyphonic. The “Objets-Bijoux” collection comprises small objects for everyday use characterised by skillful metalworking. Ironic and refined inventions, such as the colour “Golden Pink” which adds preciousness and brilliance to new typologies: the “BON BON” Key ring, the “marli” and “Virgula Divina” , the wine and champagne Bottle stopper “Noè”, the “VOILE” Spaghetti measure, the “BLIP” Spoon rest, the “Big Love” Tea spoons.

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