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Antica Focacceria San Francesco

Traditional Sicilian cuisine since 1834, a long history of fragrances, perfumes, aromas, authentic produce, culture and a passion for tradition.
After 25 years spent as a master cook serving the princes of Cattolica, Salvatore Alaimo was bestowed with the deconsecrated chapel of an ancient palace in the heart of Palermo. He hung a wooden board above the entrance with an engraving that read “Focacceria” and decided to cook for the people. Fresh ingredients and simple recipes united different cultures in the crowded streets of this multi-ethnic city. Many ordinary people, illustrious visitors and historical figures have passed through the Antica Focacceria, keen to delight themselves with its simple and flavorsome food, handed down with passion over the years for everyone who wants renew this vow to enjoy flavor and tradition with us.