A complete safe shopping experience

For your safety,
please follow these simple rules

  • Remember to always respect distancing by maintaining at least 1 meter between yourself and others.
  • Our staff will take your temperature which will have to be lower than 37.5 celsius degrees.
  • Wear a mask (mandatory from age 6 and over).
  • Respect the queues and pay attention to all the instructions throughout the outlet areas.
  • Avoid gathering into groups.
  • Use the available dispensers with hand sanitisers.
  • Do not extend your stay in the shops so that everyone can enter.
  • For your payments please prefer credit cards.

  • Download the ufirst app.
  • Reserve your place in the queue.
  • Wait for the notification and go to your place when it is your turn.

Download the ufirst app using this QR Code: