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Calligaris celebrates the grand opening of Scalo Milano, the “metropolitan city style district”, with the first and only design district in Italy, located in Locate Triulzi, in the south of Milan. The Calligaris area in the shopping district covers a wide area of about 300 square meters and includes creative solutions, easy, ingenious, designed to accommodate easily the infinite ways of contemporary living and capable of telling so expressive and engaging the identity of Calligaris. The exposure of the product is made shown it individually or on platforms to further enhance the product itself. The combined use of the most important material for company’s roots, such as wood, and more contemporary materials, such as metal mesh, becomes the dominant motif of brand recognition: on one hand the tradition and the history of the company, and on the other the momentum towards the contemporary. The high walls of the space becomes the ideal support for maxi CAD technical drawings of iconic products that show visitors the careful process that precedes the birth of a piece of furniture. A special focus is dedicated to 2016 collection: the funny table PAPER, the extendable table PONENTE with its solid and rigorous line, the high-low Sottosopra table, adjustable in 7 different heights, Bahia chairs, with organic shapes and Igloo chairs, comfortable and enveloping. The Opera, Secret and Adam buffets are offered in several alternatives and highlight the attention to details and the refined materials. There are plenty of new accessories of Code line, such as Fractal shelfs, a system of small modular containers designed to decorate every corner of the house and the bedside lamp Pom Pom designed by Matteo Cibic. There are also exposed some "reinterpretations" of cult products and some additions to the collections already in the catalog, such as individual tables in various sizes ranging to implement the Tweet family, the chocolate brown plastic chair Parisienne and the new version of the Lazy chair, now tilting and swivelling. A display that offers the best of Calligaris offer, characterized by strong chromatic contrasts and the highest quality materials, beautifully detailed as Calligaris can do since 1923.