News Giro Kids from 3/08 to 31/12

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Dutch designer Ben Van Berkel, inspired by his personal experience as a parent facing his children’s small but great
achievements, is tackling the design of a children’s collection for the first time. “Doraff” is a multifunctional seat that leaves room for
their innate imagination and creativity; “Giro Kids” is a basic but complete children’s table set: plate, bowl, beaker and cutlery.
The cutlery design reproduces that designed for the Giro service, presented in 2017 and characterised by one of the distinctive
elements of the UNStudio constructions: the propeller. The cutlery is shaped by a line that dynamically starts from the handle and
rises along the body. An ergonomic profile that gradually emerges in a shape that incorporates a movement. However, this cutlery
for children is not simply a small-scale replica of that created for adults. Careful adaptation to the needs of very young children
has made these the perfect tools for eating their first meals on their own.

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