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Oceana Project from 9/06 to 31/08

Bialetti shows its commitment to the environment by linking the iconic Moka Express to Oceana, a worldwide organization dedicated to protecting ocean ecosystems, with a high impact campaign that shines the spotlight on the issue of disposable plastic pollution.
Milan, February 2020 – Bialetti, which has always been focused on respecting the environment, has committed itself to sustainability by forming a partnership with Oceana, the biggest international organization in the world focused exclusively on safeguarding the oceans. The Oceana project presents the iconic Moka Express star as a global sustainability ambassador.
Moka Express world ambassador of the Oceana project
Bialetti is showing its commitment to the environment by linking the Moka Express to the Oceana project, a campaign to protect the oceans from pollutants, especially single-use and post-consumer plastics.
For the first time, Bialetti’s iconic Italian coffee maker has espoused a global cause and become its ambassador. The Moka Express is after all a 100% eco-sustainable coffee preparation method: the only waste it produces, in fact, is biodegradable and 100% compostable.
Furthermore, each Moka Express represents a green investment, both because of the 10-year minimum life of the coffee maker, with maintenance reduced to the essentials, and because cleaning requires a simple rinse with water, without the use of polluting chemical detergents.
Support for the Oceana project involves all sizes of Moka Express and will be promoted with an all-encompassing communication program focused on the main message of the campaign:
#wakeupfortheocean, a call to action that urges people to buy a Moka Express and show their commitment to protecting the oceans. Consumers will also be able to show their support for Oceana’s activity by making a direct donation using a link provided on the product packaging. Bialetti has also shown its commitment to the cause by replacing all the plastic bags used to wrap the Moka Express inside the packaging with 100% recyclable paper wrappers.
Oceana was created in 2001 by a group of major foundations: The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation (formerly the Homeland Foundation) and Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
At the time, no organization had yet focused on protecting the oceans on a global scale. Oceana is currently concentrating all its resources and its team of scientists, economists and lawyers on strategic campaigns aimed exclusively at protecting and restoring the oceans.

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