Pavia: a city to be discovered slowly between art and history, in the footsteps of the Lombards o among the cloisters of the University, without, however, forgetting its heritage of flavours and labels.
Its 18th century Botanical Garden is a must-see, where you can treat yourself to a break in the shadow of the 45-metre tall age-old plane tree. A strong sense of pride among the Pavia-based inhabitants remains of the Lombard grandeur alongside considerable evidence to be seen in the city itself, such as the three crypts of St. Maria alle Cacce, St. Giovanni Domnarum and St. Eusebius Yet another appointment with history is in the Basilica of St. Michele Maggiore. Here, in 1155, Fredrick I, also known as Fredrick Barbarossa was crowned King of Italy, leaving a legacy to Pavia of the entire charm of a capital city. Then there is the Ticino and its two bridges: the famous “Ponte Coperto” (Covered Bridge) as well as the “Ponte della Libertà” (Freedom Bridge).

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