The Lombardy Region

There is so much to discover in the Lombardy region.


It is the region of Italy that hosts the greatest number of Unesco sites, where art and history are combined, it has a wealth of lakes so that you can practice all kinds of water sports, as well as mountain ranges where you can go wild while trekking and doing winter sports.



The administrative centre of the Lombardy region that hosts artistic treasures alongside a thousand-year history yet, at the same time, it is the beating heart of innovation and the protagonist on the international stage of Culture.


Pavia: a city to be discovered slowly between art and history, in the footsteps of the Lombards o among the cloisters of the University, without, however, forgetting its heritage of flavours and labels.

St Mary ad Fontem

It’s told that in this place there was in ancient times a little church, nearby the river and for its beauty and for the surrounding nature it has been chosen by residents of Locate Triulzi as a special place of worship for Mother Mary…


When you arrive in Monza for the first time, you immediately realise that you are in a royal city: while walking along the streets in the city centre you can breathe grace and elegance everywhere.


In the middle of the journey among the spacious agricultural plains and woodlands that pursue the banks of the river Adda, Lodi is a city to be discovered, where its past is famous for Frederick Barbarossa and its present bears the name of architect Renzo Piano.