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Scalo Milano shopping meets convenience for an exclusive virtual experience.
Choose and order comfortably from home and we’ll pamper you just as you would be in store.
Contact our stores, browse the catalog via WhatsApp and order your favorite products with complete peace of mind,
then tell us if you prefer to receive them at home or pick them up at Scalo Milano.

Our staff are ready to assist you with your virtual shopping experience, providing advice, tips and suggestions to fulfill all your requirements.
We can’t wait to give you all the time you deserve and accommodate your every request.
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? Make your shopping experience even more exciting with a bespoke Luxury Delivery: your special purchase will be delivered and when and where you want by a wonderfully elegant Deluxy concierge.

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Contact our staff for advice and suggestions to fulfill all your requirements.


Brooks Brothers

Cavalli Class

Harmont & Blaine

Harmont&Blaine Junior

Luxury Zone



Patrizia Pepe

Roy Roger’s

Sun Fashion Lab

The Cosmetics Company Store

Twinset – U&B

With regard to the exclusive “Scalo Milano @Casa” service made available to you, Locate District S.p.A.’s role is simply to provide the information needed by customers to contact their favorite brands; no personal details are collected about the customer by Locate District S.p.A. It is therefore understood that all information provided to customers, product sales activities, the management of payments and shipments, before and after-sales support, and therefore the management of returns, where allowed, complaints, and Customer Care services more generally, are handled exclusively by the individual brands. Locate District S.p.A. has no involvement in the aforesaid activities and is therefore exempt from any responsibility; users are therefore requested to contact the brands directly in the event of any problem or complaint.