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Here at Rossopomodoro you can taste the neapolitan specialities that have made the brand famous all around the world: long rising pizza, buffalo mozzarella and the best pasta selection. The restaurant offers rich, tasty and seasonal menus and a lot of different products, including exclusive Slow Food products, which preserve the old production methods with craft techniques made according to the rhythms of nature. For example, tomatoes come from Agro Nocerino Sarnese area, our pasta is bronce wire-drawn, mozzarella is Bufala Campana DOC and the oil used is the Extra Vergine one made from Minucciole olives of Sorrento. With all these products we create a lot of recipes that help to give long life to delicious flavours of Campania that would be lost without the support of our chefs and their traditional cusine. At the corner called “A’Puteca” you can buy products used in the kitchen such as oil, tomatoes, jams, pasta and wine, representing neapolitan gastronomic delights. Rossopomodoro philosophy is high quality, safe and natural products.