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Spontini Milano 1953

Spontini’s still using the same pizza recipe they always have: 100% Italian Km 0. Tomatoes from Piacenza, Flour from the Certosa Mill in Pavia, Mozzarella from Varzi or from the Lodi area, Olive Oil from Ravenna and Anchovies from Mediterranean Sea. Spontini’s light tasty pizzas are loved by all. Spontini is democratic and functional: the pizzerias are crowded with students, businessmen, families, office workers, professionals and tourists. Simple ingredients, selected suppliers and sticking with a good product. This is what allows us to keep our prices low. Spontini is not a destination but rather a place to pass through. Coming to Pizzeria Spontini means you can be sure to get a quick order and you’ll be soon enjoying your hot tasty pizza, before moving on and leaving room for the next customer. Spontini feeds you fast offering a good product before you get back to running life.