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Ixos takes its first steps with the production of shoes in the ‘60s in a small workshop in the Marche region. Quality and craftsmanship are the two basic values behind the project; the company is based within an international shoe-making district and can rely on skilled artisans to follow the whole production process, employing the most innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure a top quality product that is 100% made in Italy, from sketch to distribution.

The Brand keeps growing year after year, soon becoming a significant player on the market thanks to its unmistakable identity. This new strength leads to the creation of a clothing collection in year 2000, shifting the company in the total look world. The opening of new horizons triggers a creative process focused on evolution and research; even if thinking forward, the past and the origins are always esteemed, and this proves to be a perfect match; contemporaneity and tradition melt with craftsmanship and innovation, setting the main features of the Ixos identity.