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“TIME FOR” sums up well the starting point of each of our projects. A claim that conveys the attention and importance that we give to every moment of free time dedicated to our passions, to the encounter with nature, to outdoor movement in all its expressions.

We take all the time to do what we love most. Alone or with friends and family, in the e ort of hard training as in the pleasure of a relaxing hike with friends. It is always the moment to live our passion, discover new emotions, dream new adventures and new challenges. There is no more precious time than that we dedicate to ourselves.

All of this translates into collections of clothing, shoes, and accessories ideal for the most diverse activities, weather conditions, appointments of the day. A range so wide it dresses the whole outdoor and ski world: starting from the Unlimitech collection, characterised by high-performance materials and cutting-edge technologies, rich in products to experience all the emotions of skiing, ski mountaineering, free ride, trail running, and trekking.

But even the city becomes the protagonist with the Urban Lab products. A city to rediscover and explore thanks to garments that combine the technicality of outdoor clothing with a fashionable urban style. Alps Heart, instead, combines urban and outdoor with looks inspired by the mountain, careful attention to detail, and research of fabrics. Without forgetting the Kids lines, companions of many adventures and discoveries, guarantee of protection, freedom of movement, style, and absolute comfort.

Exclusive technologies make CMP garments unique. Like our fleece, available in different shapes, weights, and endless colours, all guaranteed by a rigorous control over the entire production chain, from the choice of suppliers for raw materials, to the production in our own plants of the finished garment. In fact, for over 20 years, CMP fleece has been certified OEKO- TEX® Standard 100, guaranteeing the absence of substances toxic for humans and harmful to the environment during the entire production process.